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AI solutions for publishing and edtech

Media and

Captivate Audiences,
Elevate Creativity

  • Make content truly inclusive:

    Ensure universal access with descriptive text for visuals

  • Empower teams:

    Automating tedious tasks, freeing up time for innovation

  • Be a content powerhouse:

    Use data for personalized recommendations, enhancing engagement

  • Transforming viewers:

    Provide instant answers to inquiries, to build loyalty

AI solutions for healthcare


Accelerate Innovation,
Drive Growth

  • Enhanced Web Accessibility:

    Automate alt text for web visuals, to meet accessibility standards

  • Competency Evaluation:

    Streamlining technical skill assessments for efficient workforce development

  • Strategic Insights:

    Analyzing tech trends and R&D data, providing actionable insights for strategy

  • Optimized Customer Support:

    Streamline issue resolution & inquiries to elevate user experience

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