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Organizations often struggle to identify a starting point for adopting Al, as integrating complex technologies into existing workflows can be daunting. Quixl's ready-to-use Al agents hub offers a risk-free solution to this challenge by providing a collection of pre-built Al agents designed to help organizations explore the possibilities of adopting enterprise-wide Al applications.

Here is a sample collection of ready-to-deploy AI agents developed in Quixl. With Quixl, you can design, develop, and deploy your own domain-specific AI agents tailored to your business needs.

ialt - Alt-text generation AI agent

AI agent to generate accessible, compliant alt-text for images and visual content.

AuthorPilot - Manuscript assessment AI agent

AI platform for error-free manuscript assessments and preflight for publishers.

MyGenie - Enterprise Knowledge Search

Unlock enterprise potential with Al-driven search and content summarization.

Wyse - Content Editing AI agent

AI agent to enhance language with contextual, accurate editing and suggestions.

iAssess - Assessment item generation AI agent

Create tailored, efficient, customizable assessments for diverse learning scenarios.

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Enhance engagement with customized, intelligent, conversational AI agents.

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