Advanced AI Solutions Built on Solid Foundations

Empower your enterprise with Quixl, the premier AI agent development platform designed to deliver scalable and tailored AI solutions. Quixl’s innovative AI agentic Development approach helps organization to harness the power of Generative AI to drive efficiency, reduce costs and transform operations.

No-Code Agent Builder

Empower your team with a no-code AI agent builder that uses cutting-edge generative AI and LLMs to simplify automation, increase productivity, and foster innovation.

Prompt Studio

Leverage large language models, small language models and domain-specific LLMs with advanced prompt-engineering and RAG-import capabilities for tailored AI interactions.

Data Pipeline

Optimize big data environments with scalable architecture, efficient batch and real-time processing, advanced Vector dB management, secure data transfer, and versatile storage solutions.

AI Applications Management

Comprehensive platform with modules for tenant, user, and subscription management, AI agent configuration, enhanced support, and queue and server management.

Quixl: Empowering Digital Innovation

No-Code AI Agent Builder

Create and deploy AI agents without any programming skills.

Rapid Prototyping

From design to deployment within 48-72 hours.

Advanced Prompt Studio

Built-in prompt templates to harness the power of any LLM effortlessly.

Secure and Efficient

Centralized access management with robust API connectivity.


Minimize expenses and reduce entry barriers to AI adoption.

Showcase: AI Agent - Built on Quixl
What are you building today?

alt-text generator AI agent for a broad spectrum of image accessibility needs

Achieve precision and speed with AI-powered alt-text creation for academic to scientific images


Advanced AI for effective search solutions in enterprises for knowledge discovery

AI agent for editing that preservers author's voice & editorial standards

An AI companion for authors and editors in a wide range of publishing needs

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