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Empowering enterprise AI adoption through
Quixl's no-code AI agent development platform

Quixl’s ADAPT framework for AI Adoption

Quixl’s 'AI Agent Design Approach for Problem-solving and Transformation' (ADAPT) is a design thinking framework tailored for building AI agents and agentic workflows.

Begin with a custom blueprint tailored specifically to your needs. Through a rapid proof-of-concept (PoC) test your use case, develop and launch agents via Quixl for enterprise-wide adoption. Quixl's AI agent development framework makes it a breeze to implement AI solutions across enterprises.

ADAPT - Quixl's AI agent development framework ADAPT - Quixl's AI agent development framework

Core Platform Features

Prompt Studio

Data Pipeline

API Gateway

Agents & User Administration

AI Services & Models

Prompt Studio

  • Access and analyze over 10 large language models (LLMs)
  • Utilize advanced prompt-engineering techniques
  • Enhance LLM knowledge by importing RAG
  • Customize AI interactions for user-specific needs
Prompt Studio - Engineer prompts for AI agent development with Quixl's pre-built prompt templates

Data Pipeline

  • Supports efficient data processing via batch and real-time streaming
  • Utilizes Vector dB for advanced data management
  • Offers storage solutions for cloud services, databases, and multiple formats
  • Ensures secure data transfer mechanisms
  • Provides scalable architecture suitable for big data environments
Data Pipeline for AI agent development

Robust API Gateway

  • Manages API keys across all tenants
  • Enables quick integration of APIs from new providers

Self-Service AI Portal

  • Modules for excellent tenant management
  • User management modules
  • Efficient subscription management module
  • AI agents management and configuration
  • Enhanced support management
  • Queue and server management capabilities

AI Services and Models

  • Integrates with Azure, Anthropic, Google Gemini, Amazon Bedrock
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing based on tokens
  • Supports large language and multimodal models

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