Advanced AI for Enterprise Search Solutions and Knowledge Discovery

Your AI companion for knowledge discovery, designed to securely and efficiently meet a broad spectrum of corporate knowledge needs.

Transform Corporate Intelligence into Insights with AI Knowledge Discovery

With MyGenie, unlock the full potential of your enterprise's knowledge base, enhancing decision-making and productivity across all levels. Intelligent search AI meets concise content summarization AI, making every piece of information accessible and understandable for all team members, including those with different accessibility needs.
Navigating your extensive internal and external data sources is now more straightforward and secure than ever, ensuring compliance with data protection and privacy standards.


Improved time-to-insight Efficiency


Improved Research Productivity


Secure Data Source Connections

A Streamlined, Intuitive 4-Step Workflow

Secure Voice or Text Input


AI-Powered Discovery


Automated Summarization


Voice or Text Output


Versatile Applications Across Domains

  • Publishing

  • Corporate L&D

  • Education/EdTech

  • Technology

  • Information and Media

  • Healthcare

MyGenie’s advanced AI capabilities go beyond traditional search functions, offering secure, in-depth analysis and summarization of a wide range of content. With Quixl’s MyGenie, enterprises can seamlessly integrate a sophisticated AI knowledge management solution into their ecosystem, enhancing the user experience for employees and ensuring stringent adherence to regulatory and compliance standards.



Operations Managers

Business Analysts

Process Analysts

Market Researchers

R&D Teams

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